These Terms and Conditions are incorporated into any of our or sales contracts or marketing.

 All  marketing, sales, or specials will only  apply to homes built 1978 or after.   We may except a contract  to a home built before 1978 at our discretion,  

 if a risk Assessment can be provided  stating there is no lead based paint, or if a third party can remove any lead paint contamination because QSW no longer offers that service.

Quality Siding & Windows reserves the right to decline any work or marketing for pre- 1978  residential homes.

We no longer offer EPA lead renovations as a part of our in house work.  

All inspections, and Wind Code requirements are not included in a Special Sales price.  

Each of which if required will increase cost of sale beyond the sales price.  

 If a home contains asbestos, or lead paint  the home owner will have to  find there own  removal or renovation company at there expense   We can give referrals

 to properly remove asbestos from their  home before quality Siding & Windows can authorize any work.

 Window &  Siding replacement never includes asbestos removal, and specials only apply to a standard window, siding and door replacement.  

Anything beyond a standard install there could be added costs,  we must be notified in advance of anything hidden.  No specials apply for any window install in stucco.

All specials are applicable for the Houston region (Houston, and surrounding local areas ex. Katy, Sugar land, Woodlands)   cities that require  a further distance, cost may increase. 

Some Height restrictions do apply (no more than 2 stories) Dormers are quoted based on difficulty and height sales price may not apply.

All Quotes are good for 15 days.  If a supplier has a price increase during those  days, we do reserve the right to change our quote.

All sales prices must be paid by check or cash no credit card charges for these specials.  On some sales credit cards are permitted with a max allowed of 1500.00 Must be approved  by mgt.

Free estimates are only for home owners with the intention of possibly buying one of our products.

    We offer the estimate service with a  fee, that fee can be applied to the purchase of the product. 

 We do reserve the right to wave the fee at our discretion.

Emails will never be sold to third parties, and will be only  used by QSW purposes or possibly another company owned by QSW ( sales, warranty etc.)

 Terms and Conditions  may change without notice. Must present to get the sales price.